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Saule Kilaite, lithuanian solo violinist, performance artist, composer and writer. Her style blends classical, traditional and modern music. She works in a range of fields: playing and composing music, giving multi-media performances, creating and directing theatre pièces, writing novels. As well as recording previously unreleased music, her discography includes original solo violin covers of well-known pop songs, rearrangements of famous classical pieces, soundtracks and traditional tunes from various countries around the world.


Her artistic project ‘VIOLIN PERFORMANCE’ unites five art forms: Music, Dance, Painting/Video Art, Literature and Theatre. Saule has collaborated in the recording of a huge number of soundtracks, records, television appearances, theatre shows and live concerts. Throughout her career she has effortlessly performed a range of musical styles: classical, pop, traditional, jazz, up to the latest neoclassical trend, thanks also to her countless collaborations with big international stars such as Laura Pausini, Gianna Nannini, Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti, Cesare Cremonini, Lee Ryan, David Guetta and Michael Bublé. In 2009 and 2010 Saule was the musical star of 175 episodes of the daily programme “Italia sul 2”, broadcast on Italian State Television (RAI 2), while at the same time performing on the most prestigious stages in Italy and in Europe, including: San Siro Stadium in Milan for the event “Amiche per l’Abruzzo” to raise money for earthquake victims; the Verona Arena; San Babila Theatre in Milan; La Fenice Opera House in Venice; Rossini Opera House in Pesaro; Teatro Nuovo in Ferrara; Regina Margherita Theatre in Caltanisetta; Centrale-Ariston Theatre in Sanremo; Ankara State Opera; Tirana Opera House; Palaces of Congress in Algiers, Brussels, Lugano and elsewhere. In recent years, the artist has played over 700 dates with her solo violin show ‘ANDANDO, VIVENDO’, accompanied by an “Invisible Orchestra”, captivating audiences everywhere and earning the respect of professionals in the music business. This is a multi-media show with synchronized scenic videos, a dance troupe, guest musicians and an ‘invisible orchestra’ which Saule composes for, arranges and records, together with her creative team at 5ArtLab studios who work on various creative projects.

Saule and her “Violin Performance” are in great demand for events and conventions staged by the most important brands in the world: Swarovski, Salvatore Ferragamo, Helena Rubinstein, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Bayer, Henkel, Bosch, Huawei, Luxottica, Philip Morris, Michelin, BNL, Allianz Bank, 3M, Vodafone, Tim, Beneteau Yachts, Christian Dior, etc. In 2011 Saule became the star of a collectors’ edition of the graphic novel entitled “Saule – La Quinta Stagione” (“Saule – The Fifth Season”), a science-fiction tale where the violinist is transported through time from Antonio Vivaldi’s day to modern times, in order to uncover the mystery of the last manuscript composed by the Venetian maestro. The book is the work of “Italian comic guru” Antonio Serra, who has collaborated with Bonelli Editions on Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère and Nathan Never. Saule made guest appearances in the films “Still Life” by F. Cipriano, and “Story of a Luthier” by A. Bona. She is also one of the artistic directors of the creative team 5ArtLab, who design and produce various artistic projects and events. The artist’s future projects include a fourth CD to accompany a theatre show inspired by her début novel ‘Diary of a Violin’, distributed by Feltrinelli.


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